Do Away with Pasteur

Doctor Éric Ancelet wrote, in 1998, a fascinating book on vaccines and medicine in general, which we warmly advise you to acquire. “To finish with Pasteur” dismantles, in 250 pages, more than a century of dogmas around vaccines and allopathic medicine, kept in place by religious, scientific, state and industrial leaders , thanks to ignorance and fear.

Illness is in most cases the symptom of a conflict, a warning that something is wrong in our life. Waging war on viruses, microbes and cancers is as absurd as the chemical warfare taking place in our agriculture, where the sinister concentration camps of intensive animal husbandry. At a time when propaganda is in full swing about a supposed swine flu, black plague of 2009, which the WHO and its industrial friends will try to eradicate with a shot, this book is of hot news.

“The few doctors who have remained faithful to tradition, who strive to give their patients the means to regain their health, encounter every day a colossal obstacle, almost insurmountable, heavy, rigid and thick, like all
dogmas: myth Pastorien of the bacterial origin of the diseases. “[…]

” This fundamental blunder, awe-inspiring by the universality of its total acceptance, locked for a century the patient education of the crowds in Health.
Now frozen in certainty materialistic, Medicine followed the easy path of the little minds, of those who see the enemy everywhere, kill him with an antibiotic weapon or cheat him by vaccine trickery. “[…]

“Parental, school and university education, like civic and medico-social information, taught us early to consider any microbe as potentially pathogenic and any disease as potentially
microbial.” […]

” which is pure, clean, prosperous, healthy, hygienic, which in addition smells good and which one can touch or ingest without risks, is by definition free from germs, in other words uncontaminated, perfectly aseptic. “[…]

“He or she or what, on the other hand, is doubtful, neglected, dirty,” poop “, soiled, unhealthy, smelly, repulsive, disgust is necessarily septic, teeming with microbes responsible for all the plagues and ready to jump in the nose who
approaches it. “[…]

“We must therefore react, keep clean, wash, scour, scald, poison, disinfect, pasteurize, sterilize, antibiotic therapy and of course vaccinate to prevent, avoid, reject, neutralize, destroy the Other, and correlatively
immunize, defend, isolate, guarantee, assure and secure, preserve, perpetuate, conserve, immortalize, mummify the Self. “[…]

” According to Rudolf Steiner, “modern materialism is born of fear.” And “beings who are afraid are to involuntary tyrants, fanatics of order, obsessed with the idea of ​​having to educate, discipline the men and the things
around them, of having to keep control and overview at all times. “… ]

“It is fear which, far more than the microbe, is frighteningly contagious and pathogenic. If university medicine creates and maintains anxiety by constantly agitating the terrifying scarecrow of the disease, it is certainly
aberrant and sterile to content with shaking opposite that of vaccines, in a sordid balance of power to whom will terrorize the most. “[…]

” Unless information on the harmful effects of vaccinations is accompanied by an education likely to generate a real change of consciousness, a positive inner evolution that transcends fear, all
fears. “[…]

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