The Singer Jenifer Lost in Favor of Vaccines and UNICEF

Jenifer is not the first personality to fall into the trap and unfortunately it will probably not be the last.
May those who idolize it forgive us for this real duty of objectivity and urgently setting the record straight after all the inaccuracies it has distilled!

(Video at the end of this article)

In a video relayed by the very politically correct site that is MagicMaman, Jenifer demonstrated “brilliantly” his profound ignorance of the subject and of real emergencies in the poorest countries. Her naivety resembles that also demonstrated by Laetitia Halliday who was very proud to explain at 8pm TF1 to Claire Chazal that she was very happy to have helped to vaccinate children against tetanus …

The video begins by saying that “Jenifer is a mom committed to vaccination.” Some will wonder what about the possibility of financial compensation for such a commitment? Jenifer said “to have been touched as a mom, by this cause, by UNICEF”. But what did she really read as sources about the huge vaccine controversy? The rest of his answers will allow us to make some assumptions.

But let’s see what follows: Jenifer says she was ” touched by the numbers “, ” because you have to know that there are still a huge number of mothers and infants who die every year, even per minute. ”

And what about the figures for deaths from lack of water and food which are the bearers of a sad record, out of all proportion to tetanus?

As a reminder, a child dies of hunger every 6 seconds in the world , that is to say more than 5 MILLION annual deaths of children due to hunger. More than 920 million people are hungry in the world and 1 billion people are still deprived of drinking water! In this sad race for vaccination, unfortunately, each euro spent on vaccines is one euro that will not be invested in water and food, but this constitutes an undeniable health base, so much more logical and more urgent!

Especially since, as the scientist Masar already said in 1975 at the Dakar Conference: “After the First World War (in Czechoslovakia), the tetanus morbidity in the newborn was absolutely enormous. […] Without active immunization, morbidity was reduced to almost zero, simply by improving the care of the mother and the newborn child. “But it would be interesting to see what is the exact share of UNICEF funds that ultimately end up in water and food in proportion to the vaccines.

Jenifer continues. She hopes to” eradicate the disease “with this” great action “from UNICEF. Jenifer unfortunately does not know that tetanus is an impossible disease to eradicate because its reservoir is in the ground (in the ground).

this question “(hear the controversy over the merits of vaccination and therefore the distrust of a growing part of parents.) because for her” to vaccinate her child is to have the chance to prevent him from having a certain disease . ”
In any case,” she adds, ” I never asked myself the question. “before contradicting yourself and continuing” yes there are new vaccines, we are still cautious as a mom, if it is a vaccine that will not be harmful to your health etc. “.” Here we are talking about the tetanus vaccine so, of course, it must be done! “.

“I did not think that there were so many mothers who wondered whether it was good or not to have her child vaccinated, in fact. ”

” I wondered about the Varinox chickenpox vaccine. I ended up having my son vaccinated. ”

” It’s always stressful to get your child vaccinated, because we know the bite, the effect it has, even on some adults, but if I can avoid being sick … ”

” It You should know that by buying a pack of Pampers , it is a vaccine for the mom that will protect automaticallyher child if she is vaccinated, protect the child she is carrying and also vaccinate mothers likely to become pregnant to prevent their child from being born in poor health, because it is a relatively critical age the first 3 months of a newborn. ”

” Buy a pack of Pampers because it automatically saves a life. “Jenifer concludes misleadingly in this purely advertising video.

Some comments of course …

1 °) Jenifer says that she does not understand this question. It is certain that common sense cannot be learned, even on the benches of Star Ac ‘, we have it or we don’t have it.
There have always been gregarious and docile people who followed in principle what the authorities or the doctors said. These people also paid the price at all times. Whether with products touted in all the medical press and withdrawn from the market since, like Vioxx, or deleterious medical fashions which led at one time to consider Ignaz Semmelweis as crazy while this doctor insisted on the importance of wash hands to prevent death of women in childbirth (puerperal fever).

When you learn from officials that ” they don’t know how vaccines work ” (confession from Dr. Saluzzo de Sanofi Pasteur, also consultant for the WHO, in an online vaccinology course) or that they don’t ‘aluminum vaccines, used as an adjuvant, including for the tetanus vaccine, diffuses and acts in the body ( confession of Dr Nathalie Garçon, head of the Adjuvant Center at GSK ), we can only conclude that Jenifer has never heard of this information, otherwise she would obviously feel stupid for having said that she did not understand that parents could wonder about the merits of LESS vaccination !!

Is it reasonable to imagine, given this level of ignorance, that Jenifer could have known, if only through the media of the system, the content of the Jardé report in March 2012 and the request for a moratorium d ‘a group of deputies of the National Assembly on thesubstance notoriously toxic to the nervous system , especially that of children whose blood-brain barrier is even more permeable and we are not even talking about fetuses !!

Aluminum vaccine, it should be remembered, also ends up in the brain without ever being able to leave it. According to the Canadian neurologist at the University of British Columbia, Christopher Shaw, who has carried out various experiments on mice , vaccine aluminum is implicated in serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease (approximately 1 million cases in France), Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Christopher Shaw who injected the same dose of aluminum vaccine into mice as that administered to humans in proportion to their weight, found a 41 X higher error rate in mice so poisoned and at autopsy, he found 35% destruction of motor neurons, i.e. nerve cells involved in movement.
No wonder then that these results gave goosebumps to his team, which obviously does not want to be vaccinated with such vaccines. As Shaw says, either these studies were never requested by the authorities, or they were well carried out but their results remain withheld from the public. He wonders what is most disturbing in both cases.

We could also add theremarkable work of Dr. Jean Pilette who has compiled more than 1,700 bibliographic references of publications attesting to the manifest dangers of vaccine aluminum. But does Jenifer only know what an adjuvant is? Let us doubt it!

2 °) Jenifer comes to ask questions only about the varicella vaccine which is still largely refused by a majority of parents, even by those who are in favor of all the other vaccines so much there, it is obvious for them that vaccination is absurd!
But unfortunately, too many people, not to say the vast majority, do not start asking questions until after a side effect or a case of vaccine failure (very common after this kind of chickenpox vaccine) . Besides that this vaccine has an immunosuppressive effect, that is to say that it lowers the immune system and makes it temporarily more fragile compared to various infections which can be very serious (it is also the case of the vaccine against tetanus, as several publications attest!), it changes the age of onset of the disease, depriving the child of a chance to benefit from a solid and lasting immunity for life and also increasing the risk of shingles at the individual and collective level. (Jenifer should also, in our opinion, find out about the exact name of the chickenpox vaccine, unless she recites an agreed lesson from UNICEF and has not remembered the name correctly? Varilrix or (Pro) Varivax …)

3 °) The discourse on “the bite” is soothing and very poorly masks the ignorance of the dangers of vaccines linked to their poor evaluation, to their ingredients, to the short-circuiting of the immune system etc.
Various studies and surveys have already shown that the health of unvaccinated children is MUCH BETTER than that of vaccinated children . To this corpus of data, it is also necessary to add the data which show that the mortality of well-nourished African baby girls who receive a DTP vaccine (diphtheria tetanus pertussis) is 3 times higher than that of African baby girls unvaccinated and even malnourished ( British Medical Journal study ) not including Miller et al. which shows that infant mortality is highest in the western countries that vaccinate the most.

4 °) To pretend that vaccinating will automatically protect against tetanus is a serious untruth in the light of the data acquired from Science!
Several publications have shown this: cases of tetanus, including deaths, have already occurred in vaccinated people who had more than a high level of antibodies (therefore well above the official threshold considered “protective”). “)! In 2000, Dr. Vinson wrote a letter to the British Medical Journal titled “Having been vaccinated against tetanus does not preclude the diagnosis of tetanus.” (a title that says it all if we compare it to Jenifer’s statements).

But more particularly concerning the cases of neonatal tetanus, let us also look at a very interesting communication made in 1991 in the journal FEMS Microbiology Immunology concerning 10 cases of neonatal tetanus in Dar Es-Salaam, in Tanzania. As a reminder, the vaccination of women (pregnant or not) is based on the principle that the antibodies they develop can pass through the placenta and supposedly protect the newborn absolutely …

Out of 10 cases studied , 9 had a protective antibody level , only the 10th was below the threshold (although his mother received a dose) while the 2nd (unvaccinated mother) had a level close to 4 times the protection threshold.In all other cases, the mothers had received, for all of their pregnancies, between 1 and 14 doses and had antitoxin levels from 7 to more than 400 times the protective level . The article ends: “The program to prevent neonatal tetanus should avoid hyperimmunization in women [because it may not be protective and cause frequent allergic reactions.].”

Finally, let us also underline what already happened in the early 90’s with tetanus vaccines which were only administered to women in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines … this vaccine contained “as if by chance” HCG hormone, a hormone necessary for successful pregnancy and which rises during this particular period of a woman’s life. By injecting these vaccines which contained this hormone, at the same time, women were made to produce antibodies against one of their natural hormones essential for carrying out a pregnancy and they were therefore made sterile at the same time. On the journalist Sylvie Simon’s site , an additional passage sheds light on the sad context of this episode:

“By mid-1993, WHO had spent a total of $ 365 million of its meager research funds on what is euphemistically called “reproductive health”, including the implantation of the hormone hCG in human vaccines. tetanus. WHO officials have refused to explain why the women who were vaccinated developed antibodies to hCG. They brushed aside the discoveries about the program by declaring that the accusations came from “anti-abortion and Catholic sources”, as if it had to imply some kind of bias. If you can’t deny the truth of the message, at least try to discredit the messenger. ”

But it is certain that Jenifer does not know this episode. It would have saved him from telling anything.

In addition, as mentioned above, scientific data shows that a vaccination against tetanus destabilizes and weakens the immune system for several weeks , leaving it more vulnerable to infections. However, it is quite obvious that the children of these countries who are often malnourished and lacking water are even more at risk of contracting a whole sampling of infectious diseases which can then only be statistically favored with this kind of blind vaccination.

5 °) Obviously, Jenifer did not learn at Stac Ac ‘what is misleading advertising (*) and how much it risks dragging such a step like a pan throughout his career.
The so-called “good intentions” have a good back, that convinces less and less people. Given the flow of information these days, it is becoming less and less acceptable to pretend to have wanted to do well for people who have such a hearing.
These speeches risk costing the lives of several children and generate costly side effects in their turn in these populations, already economically in very bad shape. Not to mention the ethical question surrounding the right of these poor populations to be able to benefit from free and fully informed consent in matters of vaccination. A right yet enshrined in laws on the rights of the patient in several Western countries but which are unfortunately never applied in the area of ​​vaccination! But by the way, does Jenifer know what “free and informed consent” is in medical matters?

In short, it will be understood, beware of the smoky and manipulated speeches of the “people” and above all, let’s think of buying any other brand of swaddling clothes rather than Pampers, to avoid making us accomplices of these aberrations.

(*) Initiative Citoyenne contacts the (French) Advertising Ethics Jury about this advertisement due to its manifestly misleading nature, as this article has perfectly demonstrated.

Extremely bright extracts from an interview with Dr François Gasse, Out-of-Class Administrator of Immunization Projects, UNICEF , about tetanus vaccination programs in poor countries:

“The tetanus will still be there, so we can’t stop the vaccinations. Our goal is to make funding and routine immunization more reliable. […]

For tetanus, one of the main problems is to generate demand – to mobilize communities to be vaccinated. […]

We have learned to target those who decide. These are often religious leaders, husbands, or even the mother-in-law. You have to get their consent. This is especially crucial for maternal immunizations because they are women of childbearing age. However, communities are often suspicious and think that women will be sterilized. We must first convince a chef. For example, if he allows one of his unmarried daughters to be vaccinated, it can be very effective.[…]

We hope that pre-filled devices such as the UNIJECT will allow us to increase the number of vaccinators: it is a small plastic bubble fitted with a small needle. It is much easier to use than traditional injections and we can train students or others to vaccinate. The device cannot be used twice and this prevents the spread of disease due to reuse. It will also help us overcome resistance to vaccination due to fear of needles. Some women tell us, “Oh no! We cannot accept this vaccination for spiritual reasons. ”In reality, they are afraid of the injection. “

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