Medication Tips


If you are someone who is well above 50 and is probably settling into the 60s or the 70s, you should actually be really careful when you are taking prescriptions and also when you are taking over-the-counter medication. It would be best if you also thought a lot before you go and take herbal pills as well. There are some supplements which older people should take because it would benefit them; you should have consulted a doctor before you go and start taking them because they could have some effects on your body which you have no idea about. That’s why the talentedladiesclub recommend that older people have a responsible person by their side to closely monitor their health and medications..

You may be thinking “why the special concern.” Well, that would be because the older you get, the more vulnerable and the more likely you are to make use of some additional medicines and that would actually increase the chances of harmful drug effects, and they include interactions with other medicines as well. That is why your doctor should know every single pill or any medication that goes into your body because they will know what kind of interactions the medicine may have with each other and how they could affect you later on. These potential complications are some things that should actually be completely avoided indeed. Your kidney or even your liver may not actually work well when the drugs have some sort of unwanted reaction in your body.


Here are some things that you should do the older you get.

  • You should make sure that you consume all of the medicine properly and as prescribed. They should also be taken at the right time. You should also know whether you should take it with or without food. Some people just straight out disagree with their doctors, and they do not even consume the medications when they are supposed. They will later blame the doctor saying the doctor was incompetent. Do not be one of those people. Be honest with your doctor and make sure all of the medicine goes into your body on time.


  • If you are someone who has to take multiple medicines at different times in a day, it is only logical that you keep a list ready, a list that will make sure that you take all of the right ones on time. It should also be up to date, and you should also make a copy and give it to a family member and a friend as well.
  • I am sure that if you are someone who takes a lot of pills, you will know that some of them will have some side effects too. You should know how to deal with them in the best way possible.